4 Benefits Of Using Public Warehousing

21 June 2021
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If your business needs more space to store goods, you may want to consider renting a public, commercial warehousing space. Public warehousing is essentially commercial inventory space that is owned by a third party, who then rents out that space to other companies. It is basically like self-storage but for businesses, and instead of storage units, you get warehouse space.

Most commercial warehouse spaces will charge you based on the square footage of goods you store and the length of time you store those goods. They may charge you for other services as well, such as for preparing goods for shipment. Many benefits come with renting commercial warehouse space.

#1: Cost Savings

By renting commercial warehouse space, you can save a significant amount of money. You don't have to buy a building or pay to build a new warehouse structure. You don't have to pay for insurance, property taxes, and utilities for more commercial space. Instead, you pay for the space you need, allowing you to maximize your profit margins and ensure that you quickly have access to the area you need.

#2: Flexibility

With a commercial warehouse space, you have a high degree of flexibility. You can store your goods for a few weeks or a few years. You can increase or decrease the amount of storage you need based on the time of year and how your business is doing. You can also rent commercial warehouse space in different areas around the country to reduce shipping times to your customers. With commercial warehousing space, you can easily customize what you are renting and how you are using that space to fit where your business is right now.  

#3: Security

When you are moving goods around, you need to keep them secure. When you rent from a commercial warehouse facility, you can rest assured that your goods are safe. The warehouse staff will staff their space 24-7 to protect the goods inside of it and use things such as security cameras and monitored entrances to ensure your goods are safe the entire time they are stored there.

#4: Increased Organization

When you rent commercial warehouse space, the proprietors will offer you more than just a physical space for your goods. They will offer logistical and inventory support that will allow you to keep accurate track of where your goods are at and where they are going.

If you have more goods than you have space for, renting space from a commercial, public warehouse makes sense. They can provide you with space to safely store your goods at conveniently located hubs and provide you with additional logistical and handling support to help your business thrive in a cost-affordable manner.