2 Tips for Visiting Your Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

29 June 2020
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If you need to pay a visit to the climate-controlled storage unit you're currently renting, these tips should ensure this visit goes well.

Dress for the climate inside the unit

If you need to reorganize, clean, or put lots of items in the unit and you will be inside the unit for quite a while, then you must dress for the climate in this unit. If for example, you keep the temperature at a chilly 45 degrees Fahrenheit because you store your wine collection in the unit, then you should bring along gloves, a thick coat, warm boots, and a hat.

The reason for this is as follows; if you're unsuitably dressed for this environment, then you will be uncomfortably cold, perhaps to the point where you end up shivering and miserable, with numb hands and feet, by the time you finish your reorganization or cleaning tasks. Trying to do things like dust your wine bottles or rearrange collections of small objects could also be tricky if you have hardly any sensation in your hands, due to the cold temperatures.

It's important to note that if you forget to dress warmly, you won't be able to solve this issue by keeping your storage unit door open to let some heat in, or by turning up the temperature on your climate control panel, as changing the temperature like this could harm the items you're keeping in this unit. Instead, you'll have to go home, bundle up in warm clothes, and return to the unit.

Double-check the temperature settings before you leave

Before you turn off the unit's lights and lock up, you should double-check the temperature settings. You should do this even if you did not knowingly change the settings because you may have bumped into the control panel whilst lugging something heavy in or out of the unit and might have accidentally pressed a button that raised or lowered the temperature by several degrees. Similarly, if you had people helping you do the work in the storage unit, there is a chance that they might have accidentally adjusted the settings as well.

Checking the temperature before you leave, instead of assuming that it is correct, will ensure that the wine or other precious goods you have in the unit won't be ruined by inaccurate temperatures in the unit.

To learn more, visit your climate-controlled storage unit or a facility near you.