How To Move Without Breaking Your Stuff

20 April 2018
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Some people find it difficult to move without breaking an item or two or causing some damage. However, your relocation doesn't have to be that way if you plan for and execute it properly. Use the following measures to keep your items safe during your next move:

Disassemble Large Items

A large item is more likely to break if it is transported as a whole than if it is transported in different pieces. This is even truer for large items with fragile or delicate parts, such as a cabinet with a glass-fronted door. Therefore, disassemble large items before packing and moving them.

Use Strong Moving Boxes

You also need to use strong moving boxes that can protect your items best. You should especially be wary of used boxes, since they may not be as strong as their newer counterparts. Make sure the boxes cannot collapse under the weight of the items packed in them.

Don't Use Extremely Large Moving Boxes

The risk of slipping and falling increases with the weight of moving boxes. You are likely to have heavy moving boxes if you have large boxes because you will be tempted to fill them up. Therefore, you should only use large boxes for large items that can't go into small or medium boxes.

Have Adequate Padding

You can never have too much padding when packing delicate items; in fact, it's advisable to err on the side of caution by using what you think is too much padding. Apart from purpose-made padding materials such as bubble wrap, you can also use any soft material, such as blankets, towels, and even paper, for padding.

Have Appropriate Loading Equipment

Improper loading and unloading can also cause your valuable items to crack. For example, you can easily drop your box of valuables if you don't have the right loading equipment and have to lift your boxes into the truck with your arms. Therefore, ensure you have the right equipment for loading and unloading your moving boxes.

Wear Appropriate Attire

Even the clothes and shoes you wear determine how safe your items are when handling moving boxes. An obvious example is that of wearing slippery shoes or shoes with high heels that are unstable and increase your risk of slipping and falling. A not-so-obvious example is that of wearing hanging or loose clothing that can get caught on other things and cause you to lose your balance or drop things you are carrying.

Keeping this tips in mind can protect your property as you move. For the best results, you may want to hire residential moving services