Keeping Order Inside A Storage Unit

15 November 2017
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Enthusiasm about having a single place for extra items can soon turn to dismay when you realize that the storage unit you're using is messy, full and cluttered. Keeping order before the place deteriorates is vital. These guidelines provide a framework for a neat unit that won't drive you nuts when you visit it:

Plan for Retrieval

One action that can contribute to order is to plan for times when you'll be back for different items. If you expect something will be used often, or know that seasonal items will be needed, place them near the unit's entrance. That way you won't pick through different boxes or move multiple boxes only to get to the relevant items.

Stack Boxes on Pallets

No matter how well a facility is run, there's always a bit of a chance that liquids, snow, rain and other liquids will eventually find their way into your unit. If your carefully packed and sorted boxes get wet, your concern may be your items, not organization. Boxes can then be taken out of place and what was once a neat unit will turn into something else as you restack and move things around. To prevent this from the start, lay wood pallets on the floor before other objects. If there's liquid damage, it will only affect the pallets, not your things and boxes.

Break Down Furniture

Furniture can be unusually-shaped, and your insistence on storing multiple pieces can make it harder to walk or move around. Decrease the floor area taken up by furniture by disassembling them as much as possible. For instance, remove table legs and store them separately. If you're worried you won't find all the pieces, wrap loose parts in plastic and tape them to the surface of the largest piece.

Stick with Similar Size Boxes

You might be amassing a box collection from many sources. If they're all different sizes, realize that they may fall over during transport to the unit and be tough to stack in the way you've envisioned. It's easier if you only work with boxes of similar size; they stack better and won't get lost in the midst of other boxes.

Put Yourself in Charge

If you're afraid that your teenagers, husband or wife can't keep everything orderly when they visit the unit, put yourself in charge of the space. If anyone wants an item, let it be known that you'll retrieve it for them. This may an additional responsibility for you, but things won't turn into a disaster when you're away from the place.

Your unit can remain orderly if you do some thinking before leaving everything there. Services provided by your storage facility might provide even more organization help. Contact local storage facility services for more information and assistance.