Kids' Artistic Creations – Keeping Them Without Taking Up Space

8 November 2017
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The things that your kids create while they are young will always be precious, but they can be difficult to keep. You don't have to toss them in the trash – you can keep them until your kids grow up and sit down with them and reminisce over the times that they created them. Here, you will learn some tips to store your kids creations without taking up precious storage space in your home.

Display it Today

You don't have to limit the creation display to your refrigerator. Look at all of the wall-space in your hallways and stairways. These are two areas that are commonly left undecorated and can be used to display the awesome things your kids create.

All that you need is a couple of hooks or nails, some twine, and paperclips or clothespins. Stick the hooks to the wall and run the twine from one to the other. Use the paperclips or clothespins to attach the artwork to the twine. You can quickly put up and take down creations as your kids complete them.

Store them Digitally

Taking pictures of each creation and date-stamping them will give you easy access to the creations. Once you have taken the pictures and saved them to your computer, a memory card, or the cloud, you can quickly search through them to find what you are looking for, or casually take a trip back through time to see how far your little artists' skills have come.

Make sure to get some pictures of the kids holding their creations. Then, when your kids are older, you will be able to show them how little they were when they were making each piece.

Move them to Storage

Creations of any kind need to be stored properly if you want them to last. This means that you shouldn't store them in a damp basement or overheated attic. You need a cool, dry space that isn't exposed to sunlight.

Use wax paper or tissue paper to place between each creation so that they don't stick together. Then, put them in plastic storage bins that seal up tightly.

If you don't have a place in your home to store these bins, look into renting a small storage unit close to home. These and many other things that your kids will own, create, or do over the next many years are worth holding onto, and that storage unit can give you the ability to save them as long as you want or need.