Tips To Help You With Your Last-Minute Move

2 November 2017
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Not everyone has the advantage of knowing that they have to move several weeks or months before moving day. Some things happen that can cause you to have to get out of your current home and into a new one with very little time to plan. If you are moving and only have a short amount of time to get it done, this article can help. You will learn a few tips that will take some of the work out of packing your belongings and getting them from point A to point B intact.

Consider Hiring Help

Moving companies are an awesome tool to use when it comes to last minute moves. Not only can they transport the things, but some companies also offer packing services to help their clients get out of the house with as little effort as possible.

Since your move is last minute, you may not have as many moving company options to consider. If you are having a difficult time finding one, consider changing your moving date to a weekday. Most people move over the weekend, so you will have fewer customers competing to hire the movers if you choose a mid-week day to move.

Divided Boxes

Boxes that have built-in dividers will save you a lot of time when it comes to packing up fragile items. Bottle beer, wine and liquor boxes are the ideal solution for packing items. You can pack your glasses, vases, candle votives and even porcelain dolls and potted plants in these boxes with little effort.

Simply slide the items down into their own little slot and stuff some newspaper in to keep them from shifting around while they are being transported. If the box begins to get heavy, you can place that box inside another box to give it a little more strength, but these boxes are generally quite durable and will be able to handle quite the load before you need to be concerned about the bottom falling out.

Styrofoam Plates

Don't waste your time wrapping each plate and picture frame in your house individually. Instead, place a styrofoam plate between each plate and wrap the stack with plastic wrap. You can do the same with the smaller picture frames around the house. The styrofoam plates will keep the frames from getting scratched up and protect the glass from getting broken.

Talk to the moving companies local to you. You will likely find that the money you spend on the service is worth every cent paid.