Consider Self Storage For Winter Storage Of Patio Items

27 October 2017
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Chances are, you spent a lot on your patio furniture, but that doesn't mean it can stand the test of time. Between the snow, rain, hail, and wind, your entire home really takes a beating in the winter, and your outdoor furniture is no exception. If you don't take the proper measures to protect your patio furniture, you could end up having to buy new furniture every year or two, a major expense no one wants.

Luckily, you can avoid this waste by storing your patio furniture in the winter. Storing your furniture will keep wood from cracking during extreme weather changes. The dampness of the rain and snow can ruin your wood furniture, no matter how good of a seal you have on it. And those melting snows could completely rot away your favorite Adirondack chair.

Many people pull their furniture underneath the patio to keep it away from falling rain or snow, but this doesn't really protect your furniture. The moisture in the air is still likely to cause damage despite the fact that it isn't in direct contact with rain or snow.

You might think that your furniture is protected from the sun in the winter, but that's just not true. Even when the sun isn't very bright, it can have a bleaching effect. This is especially true when there is snow because the light can bounce off of the white snow.

During the winter, animals are always looking for a warm place to burrow. Come spring, you may find that mice have chewed their way through your furniture. If you don't want stray cats or field mice turning your furniture into their winter retreat, you should consider self storage for your outdoor furniture.

The great thing about personal storage units is they give you flexibility. You can choose different sizes, climate control, and any amount of time you need. Some personal storage facilities can even rent trucks out to help you move if you have a lot of furniture. Movers are a smart option for moving in and out of a storage unit. With short distances, the costs can be reasonable for movers, and they will insure and protect your items while they're in transit.

In a personal storage unit, you can choose a climate control option, so you won't have to worry about humidity. With your furniture locked safely away, you also don't need to think about flooding, sudden changes in the weather, or theft. Most storage facilities offer pest protection, so rodents need not be a concern either. If you want to avoid hassle and more expenses come spring, you should consider personal storage.

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