Tips For Clearing Junk Loaded Houses Bought At Auction

23 May 2019
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Sometimes, when you buy a home that's been auctioned by the bank or local tax office, you can end up with a whole house full of junk. Unfortunately, when properties are abandoned, the previous owners are given little time to gather their belongings and get out. This means, a lot of stuff gets left behind. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you clear out a home bought on auction. Read More 

How To Move Without Breaking Your Stuff

20 April 2018
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Some people find it difficult to move without breaking an item or two or causing some damage. However, your relocation doesn't have to be that way if you plan for and execute it properly. Use the following measures to keep your items safe during your next move: Disassemble Large Items A large item is more likely to break if it is transported as a whole than if it is transported in different pieces. Read More 

Keeping Order Inside A Storage Unit

15 November 2017
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Enthusiasm about having a single place for extra items can soon turn to dismay when you realize that the storage unit you're using is messy, full and cluttered. Keeping order before the place deteriorates is vital. These guidelines provide a framework for a neat unit that won't drive you nuts when you visit it: Plan for Retrieval One action that can contribute to order is to plan for times when you'll be back for different items. Read More 

Just Moved? 3 Things To Do Before Unpacking

9 November 2017
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Whether you have moved across town or cross-country, it's natural to want to begin unpacking all the boxes once the movers have deposited them and left. But before you reconnect with your prized possessions, do a few things around the new house first, such as: Clean In theory, the new home you are moving into should already be clean, but that's rarely the case. Sure, it may look clean on the surface, but on closer inspection, it will likely still need some elbow grease. Read More 

Kids’ Artistic Creations – Keeping Them Without Taking Up Space

8 November 2017
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The things that your kids create while they are young will always be precious, but they can be difficult to keep. You don't have to toss them in the trash – you can keep them until your kids grow up and sit down with them and reminisce over the times that they created them. Here, you will learn some tips to store your kids creations without taking up precious storage space in your home. Read More